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Roll winding machine RWVA

with packaging machine and labelling system

Möller Roll Winders

work precisely at high performance and wind rolls with straight edges.

  • gift papers and special papers
  • plastic and self-adhesive films
  • non-woven and compound materials
  • sheeted materials and posters

The machines are designed in a modular and easy-to-service manner. They are characterized by many technical advantages:

  • electronic control of all machine functions
  • manifold combinable functions and applications
  • broad range of accessories
  • short change-over times


Möller Packaging Machines

Unsealed rolls are taken over automatically from the roll winder, are very tightly packed in Polyolefin and are shrunk.

  • lateral pushers for straight-edged rolls
  • reliable sealing of the rolls by exact pre-positioning
  • electronically controlled welding system, impulse heated
  • best possible film shrinking by controlled hot air stream
Additional components
  • Automatic core loader
  • Shrink tunnel
  • Embossing machine
  • Double source roll unwind
  • Labeler
  • Tab Applicator
Final product