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Embossing machine PK

combined with counter roll rewinder and overwrapper

Möller Embossing machines

are mainly used for embossing gift wrap paper and tablecloth. The side stands of the machine consist of a massive steel construction. That is what it makes especially safe and robust. It can be used with one or two pairs of rollers, depending on the model. Thereby the design of the embossing material can be changing in just 10 minutes.

Various embossing systems are used:

Steel-Steel embossing, Steel-Paper embossing as well as cold and hot embossing. The embossed material is processed and packed on a Möller winding or folding machine. It is especially useful for the production of tablecloth or gift wrap paper.

Additional components
  • Shaftless unwind
  • Laminating unit
  • Flexo printing unit
  • Roll winding machine
Final product