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Case packer KP

with special feed of the rolls

Case packer KP

The case packer is a high-performance machine designed especially for packaging rolls. Its simple and user-friendly operation and excellent performance give the case packer its high economic standard.

Depending on the product and case size, we offer two different machine types. The case packer is also available in special designs for:

  • half cases
  • cases with windows
  • case uprighter
  • labelling device
  • filling of horizontal and vertical cases

The case packer permits automatic packaging of different roll sizes in different case sizes. The case magazine mainly consist of a transport belt of taking in the individual stacks of empty cases. At the end of the belt, the cases are transferred to the set-up station via the lifting device and Pick-and-place station. Adjustment of the case height and width is motor-driven. Manual adjustments of the nest size is carried out centrally via a coupling flange. The arriving rolls are formed into layers by the stacker and pushed into the open case by a linear pusher. During further transport, the flaps are glued down with hot melt adhesive or, alternatively, closed with adhesive tape.

Additional components
  • Case packaging system
  • Roll winding machine
  • Carton in carton
  • Case erector
Final product