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Folding Machine SF

to fold tablecloth

Folding machine SF

The folding machine is a special machine to manufacture medium and large formated tablecloth. It converts embossed and laminated paper, Airlaid and non-woven material from roll to flush folded packs.

Simple operation, veriable cut-off lengths and extremely short change-over times allow variegated capabilities.

The longitudinal folding system (M-fold) folds the material web to the required pack widths.

The integrated rotary cross cutter is a proven technology and guarantees constant cut-off lengths.

Robust sword folding units are able to cross fold the format once or twice.

With the optional U-folding station the format can be additionally halved or divide into thirds.

The combination of length and cross folding allows to produce packs of various dimensions.

Optional the machine can be equipped with a flexo printing unit to printed or laminated the material web optional.

Additional components
  • Shaftless unwind
  • Laminating unit
  • Flexo printing unit
  • Embossing machine
  • Stacker
  • U-folding station
  • Packaging machine
Final product